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Serving Victoria's Gutter & Soffit Needs Since 1992

People have trusted Victoria Gutter Installation with their gutters since 1992. We are a family business. Our family looks forward to serving yours in Victoria. Soffits are the underside of an architectural structure such as an arch, a balcony, or overhanging eaves. We replace these too.

Many profiles available

Alu-Rex Elite Installer

Many colours to suit any home

Lindab gutters available

Industry-leading warranty

Gutters! It’s in Our Name – It’s What We Do

We Install Gutters

We Install Gutters

Our team of expertly trained gutter installers are ready to get to work on your home.

Nothing Like New Gutters

Nothing Like New Gutters

Tired of cleaning out those old dirty, leaf-filled, rusty gutters? Give us a call today.

Guaranteed Tough Gutters

Guaranteed Tough Gutters

Worried about snow weight? Don’t be; our gutters can handle just about anything.

Gutter Profiles

Victoria has many unique home styles. As a homeowner no doubt you give careful thought to the look and feel of your home and why should you compromise on the look and feel of your gutters to ruin that carefully crafted facade. Our gutter profiles can match just about any home from contemporary to Victorian. Not sure which is right for you? Just ask, we’re happy to help out.

Two Step
K-Style Gutters

K-Style Gutters

Find Out More

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Gutter Profiles

Gutter Colours

Much like with choosing the profile of your gutters, the colour of your gutters can be an accent, or a drain on your home – see what we did there? Gone are the days that gutters are just brown ugly things that hang off your home. Instead, in many cases, they can match or accent standard colours or even the most exacting colour standards of heritage homes. Come visit us at our showroom to see the wide range of colours available or give us a call to find out how we can help.

We Are An Alu-Rex Elite Installer

alu-rex Elite Installer

Just about anyone can buy a gutter truck, but not everyone can meet the exacting standards of Canada’s premier gutter provider – Alu-Rex – to receive the distinct honour of being an Alu-Rex Elite Installer. This honour is only bestowed upon those who maintain the highest standard of installation quality, and exceptional level of customer service demanded by the best. Give us a call to find out why we made the cut.

We Do Lindab Gutters Too!

Yes, we do Lindab gutters also. Lindab has become a well-known name in the gutter industry, and if you’re looking for these gutters specifically, you’ve come to the right place. Since we opened our doors in 1992, we’ve installed tens of thousands of feet of Lindab gutters and we look forward to serving your needs too. Give us a call today; we love to chat all about gutters.

Lindab Gutters

Our Warranty

At Victoria Gutter Installation, we take our commitment to your complete satisfaction seriously. If you’re not even remotely happy with anything we do, we’ll take care of it. Our Alu-Rex gutters come with a 40-year clog free guarantee and a lifetime warranty on continuous hanger gutters. Yup, nothing else needs to be said about that!

Lifetime Warranty

Gutter Gallery

Gutter Soffits

Sometimes when you pull your gutters off your roof, you start to see some rotten soffit, or discolouration or other issue with your soffit boards. Well, fear not, we take care of these too. We happily repair or replace all types of soffit boards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about gutters? We have the answers. Here are a few frequently asked questions answered.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, debit, cheque, or cash.

What are your billing terms?

Payment is due on receipt of invoice.

Will I have to change my fascia boards at the same time as my gutters?

Only if they are rotten.

Is it cheaper to change my gutters the same time as my roof?

It is better to have your roof done, then have the gutters done a few months later, so the roof has a chance to shed the excess gravel.

How long is your warranty, and what does it cover?

25-year material manufacturers warranty on aluminum products and 5-year labour warranty.

Do you clean gutters?

No, we do not clean gutters, with the exception of prior to installation of Alu-Rex products.

What is a funnel clean out box?

A Fast Flow Funnel Outlet creates a larger opening for the water to go down the downspout. Leaf Catchers (cleanout box) are installed on the lower part of the downspout for easy access to clean out.

Do you do gutter-guard?

Yes, we do. We recommend the Alu-Rex products.

Are my gutters protected against snow?

Now sliding off the roof will likely take your gutters with it if they are installed in the conventional manner. Gutters installed with Alu-Rex T-Rex continuous fastening system are much stronger against snow.

Will installing new gutters create leaks in my roof?

Gutter removal and installation happen on the fascia board and the roof is not impacted.

Can I add gutter-guards to my existing gutters?

Yes, the Alu-Rex Gutter Clean can be installed with your existing gutters.

Here's What Our Customers Have to Say about Us

Very Pleasant

“Two very pleasant young men. It was a pleasure having them work here.”


~ Joe

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