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About Victoria Gutters

Owner of Victoria Gutter Installation – Ban Tran came to Regina from Vietnam with his grandparents and siblings back in 1980. As a young man he moved to Victoria. Family is a big part of the Vietnamese culture and Ban is proud of his’. His three children attend Vietnamese school on Saturdays and Ban makes regular trips back to the “Old Country” to ensure he never loses that connection with his roots. When Ban’s not working you can probably find him arranging one of the four fundraisers he arranges every year to help fund the Vietnamese school and Church. You should come to one, the food is unbelievably delicious and it’s for a good cause.

Ban Tran The Gutter Man

Speaking of good causes; our team jumps in with the volunteer spirit when needed to also. For example, a few years back Ban heard about a project to build a 50’ statue of Buddha back in Vietnam that was having trouble paying the crew carving this mammoth structure out of a mountain. Ban felt compelled to help out, offering to pay the wages for the crew for a year. To help fund this, we offered roof de-mossing here locally in Victoria for a small fee, and the crew volunteered their time to do the work to help pay for this. Forging connections across the Pacific, and hey, it’s all good Karma. These are the kinds of values our roots bring.

Speaking of roots; Ban learned the gutter, soffit and siding trade and teamed up with three Vietnamese friends to open Victoria Gutter Installations in 1992. After a few years, Ban became the sole owner and in 2001 Ban’s brother, Be moved to Victoria and took up partnership in the business. Them continues to work as a gutter installer and Phuc is the resident siding specialist. We started small in an office in the basement and have grown to be Victoria’s premier Gutter Installation company, with one of the largest private crews and workshops in town, having moved to our current location in 2007.

Speaking of the crew; we believe that happy installers do good work and make for happy customers. Our crew has been with us for many many years. In fact, the installers with the least experience have still been with us for 7 years, which would be considered veterans in the gutter industry anywhere else. Around here, the “old guard” guys – Perry, Pat, Them and Phuc have been with us for 20+ years. Stephanie, the office manager, has been with us since 1998 and carries a heavy load around here – literally! She holds some Canadian Powerlifting records, but also key to the smooth running at the office.

We couldn’t have built this family and supported the many causes we’ve done over the years without the help of you – Victoria’s Homeowners who have put their most valued asset in our trust. Thank you for 25 years of support. We look forward to many more together.

Stephanie gutter guru
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